Personaldevelopment and kayaking
Lyr, Bohuslän 14-17 June

Personal development and kayaking

 Lyr Bohuslän 14-17 June

How are we successful at being the one we are, so we can realize our dreams and goals? 

With inspiration from Ayurvedic psychology and strength-based development, we focus on how we create our thought, feeling and action. In the western world, psychology is more about our feelings. Here we also deepen the thinking process and the understanding of how our thoughts create our feelings and actions. We will deepen the knowledge of what governs our thought processes. With the tools that Ayurvedic psychology offers, along with new research, mainly in neuroscience, you get help that you can then practice at home.  During the course, you will be able to try out different techniques, including meditations, drum meditation, yoga, breathing exercises. 


During the daytime we will kayak among Bohuslän's most beautiful water for kayaking. During the paddling, we bring lunch and deepen ourselves in the conversation about personal development, on any of the islands that surround Lyr. Before we get out and paddle for the first time, we will ensure that everyone has carried out a comrade helping excersice, as a way to maintain high security at the paddling. 


The days include yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, lectures, conversations, kayaking, cooking, bathing and  haning out with friends.

One evening we will eat at Lyr's magic fish restaurant Bryggvingen where the participants themselves pay for food and drink. 

We start on 14/6 at. 10:00 and finishes at 17/6 at. 16.00. 


The course is held at the Schinkler Center on Lyr, an island in Bohuslän. It is a unique course with a maximum of 10 participants, so you want to make sure you reserve your place by paying the registration fee. 

The accommodation is simple, where we live together in 2-4 beds / dorms.

The food we cook is vegetarian and fish. As a participant you are with and helping with the cooking. 



3 800 SEK, for companies 3 800 SEK ex VAT. 

The price includes, accommodation, food (not at Bryggvingen) lectures, yoga meditations, kayaking. 


To get to Lyr, we would like to talk to you about getting involved. When we have received the notification from all, we send out a request who can co-operate and who have cars.

Alternatively, from Göteborg, take the bus to Orust/Varekil and w ewill pick you up.

For more information on transportation we will return. 


Registration: To reserve your place, pay in 1000 SEK in the registration fee, which will not be refunded in case of cancellation. Remaining amount is paid 4 weeks before the start of the course.

NOTE! The registration is binding and upon cancellation later than 4 weeks no refund. 

Kayak: Please let us know if you do not have your own kayak and want help with renting. Price for Kayak is announced separately. 

Payment: on BG 278-9311, Schinkler Management 
Terms: On return 4 weeks before the start of the course, the registration fee will not be refunded. Cancellation later than 4 weeks no refund. 


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