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Dr Tejal
Dr. Tejal offers health consultations and treatments at Salve Health Center. 
Indian Vaidya, Ayurvedic doctor.

Kristina Pettersson
Experienced therapist who meets you where you are. Psycho-therapist and founder of Dininsida, where we attend when we have the course in Ayurveda Life Training in Stockholm.

Hélène Hansson
A creative designer with a
passion for wellbeing and to help others.
Education in graphical design & health supports her entreprenurial ventures in these two areas. Founder of Form Health & Design. Designer to Schinkler Management. 

Stina Andersson
Stina's company Veda Management works with sustainable health. She is Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Qi Gong- and mindfulness- instructor and has a background in martial arts. Stina is a teacher at Eva's education Ayurveda Life training

Annika Dopping
Annika's passion is to awaken pride, future confidence, innovation and action by attracting the best out of people and organizations.
Communication strategist, dedicated to sustainability.

Blossom Tainton
Popular Health Profile
Lic and Cert Holistic Lifestyle Coach.
Personal trainer, Ayurvedic health counselor.
Yoga Instructor, Artist, Lecturer.

Evalena Andersson
Photographer at
Highlights the unique in you!

Sophie Norberg
Creative and driven business manager
Vice Managing Director 
Hotel Manager 
på Hotel J.

Annika Bladh
After 25 years of publishing, she started something she had dreamed for a long time; Her own publishing company. Bladh by Bladh is a publisher where Annika realize everything she likes and believes in..
Founder,  Bladh by Bladh

Viktor Frih
"To get participants in a yoga class to become more centered in themselves, they become more harmonious towards their surroundings".
Personal Trainer & Yoga Teacher, etc.

Sara Hammarkrantz
With long experience of writing about Health and psychology. Among other things, she has written for Modern Psykologi, Chef, Leva, SvD, Hälsa, IcaKuriren, Femina, Du & Jobbet and Elle.
Sara is a top journalist and author.
She is also co-author of "Lycka på fullt allvar" with Katarina Blom.

Lena Johnson Ahlnäs
Lena is passionate about sharing energy and joylike dancing and yoga gives. She knows what she's talking about because Lena has 35 years of experience as a dance teacher and choreographer and is diligently engaged in different contexts. In the beautiful and atmospheric studio in Vasagården in Örebro, lies Lenas Dance & Health Studio. There she wants to convey dance and yoga to women which is in the middle of life.
Running Dance & Health Studio, Örebro