Spring allergies and colds

6 april 2017

Spring is the time of Kapha and there are many who get allergies and colds during this time.

Mars is the first spring month and the Kapha time is in anticipation. This means that you can feel tired since it was a long time since we saw the sun and now many can get allergies with runny eyes and nose and colds.
Many people ask me what to do to prevent this. A brief answer will be to boost the immune system already in the fall. Do yoga, meditate, be outdoors a lot, and above all, eat out of your individual konstitution, is what I recommend that you do long-term.

If you get a cold there is a lot to do.
Stage one in the cold process is feeling tired and exhausted and it starts to get irritated in the eyes, nose and throat.

This is the Vata stage in the cold and means it has become too dry. If you are quick to understand that you are in the first stage of the cold, there are some simple tips to start with:

Drink plenty of boiled hot water with chopped fresh ginger in the water.
Make a Vata medicine on 1 tablespoon of fresh chopped ginger, squeeze lemon over and sprinkle some salt over. Chew and swallow and be sure to drink plenty of boiled hot water afterwards. Take 1 tablespoon of this 4 times / day.
Gargle the throat with salt water, 1 teaspoon salt in a glass of lukewarm water 3 times / day.
Rinse your nose with salt water, use a nasal rinse can.
Be sure to go to bed before 21:30 the day you feel you are getting sick. It can mobilize your immune system so that you can possibly reverse the disease process.

If the cold turns into fever and soar throat then you have entered the Pitta stage in the cold process.
Add a natural antibiotic while continuing with the Vata cures.

Mix in a bowl 3 tablespoons of honey with 1 teaspoon of ginger powder + 1 teaspoon turmeric powder + some black pepper. Stir the mixture and take 1 teaspoon 4 times / day for about 4-5 days.

If the cold goes to the Kapha stage with phlegm and possibly sinus problems add this cure:
Mix ​1/3 of a teaspoon of ​cayenne pepper with 1 teaspoon of honey + squeezed lemon in a glass of boiled lukewarm water and stir. Drink this mixture 3-4 times daily.
Make sure to rinse your nose with salt water 2-3 times a day.
Lubricate with tiger balm over the sinuses and throat. Take care that you do not get tiger balm in your eyes!! If your eyes start to flow when you have lubricated, it's only good, then the mucus begins to loosen in the sinuses.

Be sure to sleep off the cold at the beginning and be active in the Kapha stage.
When sick, the body does not want to have so much food to process. However, the body wants a lot of fluid, so drink plenty of boiled hot water, tea and eat hot soup instead.
Do you get cough do your own cough medicine by dividing a cabbage root. Pour out of a hole in the middle large as a half egg. In the hole you put a tablespoon of honey. After a while, it has drained liquid from the cabbage root which now fills the hole. Take a tablespoon of this liquid + a little of the honey 4 times a day. Add more honey when the liquid begins to run out to get more fluid from the cabbage root.

As for spring allergies, there are some simple things you can try:

Exclude all dairy products (milk, yogurt, keso, cheese, soft cheese, sour milk etc) in the spring, except butter and cream that you can use in sparse amounts.

Reduce significantly on all grain products (especially wheat but also oats, rye and grains) in the spring.

Increase food with a lot of spices like ginger, chilli, cayenne pepper and bitter spices like turmeric, fennel and cumin.

Make sure to rinse your nose with salt water, daily at the beginning of the period if you usually get the spring allergies. Add Udana an ayurvedic preparation that balances Kapha. Take 2 tablets morning and evening before breakfast and before you go to bed. Take with boiled cool water.
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Good Luck!