7 juni 2017

I have just come home from A-Fest, this time held on Ibiza. It's a big event that this time had the theme "Love & Relationship" on the agenda.
My thoughts are spinning after hearing speakers like Esther Perel, Merisa Peer, John Gray, Eric Edmeades, Lisa Nichols and several others ... what is really love and what is a working relationship? That's what I think most of us wonder about.
Creating love for oneself is probably the prerequisite for being able to give love to others, to work well in a job and to create a sustainable health?
So what does that mean then?
This was a fine example, as Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley and performing A-Fest, appeared on stage.
- How do you take care of a good friend who strikes and hurt her self? Do you help your friend and support her so that she can recover again?
If you yourself " fall and hurt your self" in life, how do you treat yourself then? Do you hit yourself when you failed? Do you diminish when you do not think you are good as you are? Perhaps you think others have it better or easier than you? Or do you accuse your environment because you "trembled"?

To start listening to your own judgments and values ​​about yourself, or others, shows how you take care of yourself.
When we do not want to see our own shortcomings, we project them on others and it feels a bit more easier within us when we are told that others are not as smart as we are. Or, we play the sacrificial game, where we talk about being sorry for ourselves, because we did not get the right conditions for living the life that we had thought.

And then it may be, that others behave in a way against us, that hurts and makes us disappointed. And it's almost always that life does not serve us the right conditions for us to be as easy and comfortable in life as we go and long for.
So how can we feel good when life is a big problem solving ???
The fact that is that we get lost in our thoughts. It's easy to get stuck in the ego that constantly compares everything. Good / Bad, Black / White, Over / Under, Dark / Light, etc. Having the ability to see through this constant evaluation and comparison, is one of the most important ways of sustainable health and high quality of life.
A great help is found in meditation. Try yourself for half an hour and just hang out with your own thoughts.
You will find that it can be extremely challenging, as the thoughts that appear, may be difficult to observe.
But the trick is to do nothing, just like watching a movie, just sit and watch your own movie.
I can guarantee that it will contain everything, love, fury, sorrow, joy, frustration ...
Challenging yourself to sit in meditation for 30 minutes each day for 30 days, can do wonders. You will find that there is a meditation before and after this month.
Welcome on an exciting trip, where you have your own entrance ticket!

Good luck!