Let's grow together as individuals.

Personal Life Traning with Ayurveda &
strengthsbased development – a 6 month coaching program

For 6 months, you will be able to through personal coaching, get help developing your strengths and talents, create a long-term well-being and go for the goals you want to set for yourself.

You choose to enter the program if you want to make a difference in your life, since it is an effective program that gives you the tools to create what you want. You will get an understanding of your unique personal constitution, your way of thinking and how to use your mental processes to make active choices and changes to what you want more in your life.

With the help of the deep knowledge of Ayurveda, with understanding of quantum physics and how it can be applied in a daily life, along with the strength-based approach, you are guided to taking full responsibility for your own development. The result depends on your own motivation, where your responsibility is to go from word to action.

Strength-based development for teams & companies

Start to develop and cultivate the strengths of the individuals and the team is to create long-term success.
In this development program, the keys are given to the strength-based approach with the purpose of strengthening teams and individuals. The program, which includes training based on various current situations in working life, makes the participant to be positively confronted and help to understand what drives and motivate both themselves and others.

The Leadership Development Program includes learning to handle different critical situations and gaining knowledge of the coaching approach and how to build a strength-based feedback culture, that drives people to surpass themselves. A great focus is on increasing your own self-awareness and raising awareness of your own behavior and your attitude.

Ayurveda provides a unique knowledge of personality types, an insight that supports participants not only in their own development but gives a great understanding of how other people work and want to be motivated. Within the programs are various tests included in Ayurveda and Strengthfinder.

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