Diploma Courses in Ayurveda

19-21 January 2018

23-25 February 2018

23-25 March 2018

4-6 May 2018

31 August -2 September 2018

Diploma courses in Ayurveda

All self-help books, seminars and webinars despite ... the hand on the heart ... what do you need to have your best health, to get your power and live in balance, in balance with everything, life, relationships, career, health, economy? Yes, ACTION, knowing what you can do to create a balance for you, to know exactly what your strengths are, to understand that you must not get sick until you build your best health and balance!

And above all, all good advice does not suit everyone.
Ayurveda Life Training offers unique guidance through old wisdom to absolutely new future research in quantum physics and medicine.
Have you trampled around enough in the old traces and thought that NOW do you want a lasting, viable change?
Then you are one of the participants at the next Ayurveda Life Training, which starts in January 2018. 
You get a clear action plan at every training session and a wonderful network of friends who are also on their way ... through life!
Warm welcome to book your space!
NOTE! Limited number of seats!

Course dates:
Step 1 Basic course 19-21 January 2018
Step 2 Ayurveda Continuation 23-25 February 2018
Step 3 Ayurvedic Psychology 23-25 ​​March 2018
Step 4 Ayurveda Food & Medicine 4-6 ​​Maj 2018
Step 5 Ayurveda in working life 31 August- 2 September 2018



The education is divided into five parts

1. Ayurveda foundation
Basic knowledge of the Ayurvedic system, the basic concepts and ways of using routines, exercises and interaction in everyday life.
2. Ayurveda Continuation
Here you will find in-depth knowledge within Ayurveda and how you look at human as a whole. You get a step into your own process by learning more about your and others' strengths and resources and also realizing what can limit us. This is a prerequisite if you want to use Ayurveda in your professional life.
3. Ayurvedic psychology
The course includes in-depth studies in the three concepts Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, which is an important part of the psychological part of Ayurveda. This gives you a broader and more nuanced understanding of the three constitutions and the existential development.
4. Ayurveda food and medicine
When food and how we eat is one of the greatest sources of our well-being, we will give you an in-depth course on the art of eating in balance based on our unique constitution. You get an understanding of the importance of flavors for our health as well as the basis for Ayurvedic medicine and home remedies.
5. Ayurveda in organizational development
During this course you will gain insight into how we can use Ayurveda and the strength-based approach in organizations and in leadership development. With the basic understanding of the three constitutions Vata, Pitta and Kapha, here is a deeper understanding of how to create more effective, adaptive and loving ways to work and develop sustainable leadership and staffing.

Purpose goal
Learning the theory and practice of the Ayurvedic philosophy, creating viable routines in your daily life, and being able to use the Ayurvedic knowledge in your professional life, thus contributing to a change of attitude about how we work. This allows you to build more sustainable relationships with others and also to yourself as well as the opportunity to create sustainable strength-based teams and develop a strength-based approach.

What does the education contain?

  • Ayurveda and its history
  • How Ayurveda can be used today
  • The three constitutions Vata, Pitta and Kapha
  • Ayurvedic anatomy and physiology
  • Gunas (qualities)
  • Sattva, Rajas and Tamas
  • Prana, Tejas and Ojas, the three mental qualities
  • How disease develops from Ayurveda
  • How healing and healing are created
  • Different rhythms, day, sleep, food, annual and life rhythm
  • constitution determination
  • The chakrasystem, the anatomy of human energy systems
  • To create balance for the different constitutions
  • Food and eating from the three constitutions
  • Sleep and sleep routines that create vitality
  • Exercise based on the Ayurvedic perspective
  • Ayurvedic pharmacology, herbs and spices
  • Ayurvedic home remedies to do yourself
  • Pancha Karma, knowledge and understanding of the Ayurvedic treatments
  • Strengths and talents based on the Ayurvedic system
  • Strength-based leadership
  • Strengthfinder, a web based test
  • The interaction between the three constitutions in relationships and in teams
  • Coaching & tools
  • The coaching approach
  • Empatically listened
  • Dharma and Karma, to create an understanding of people's different ways of life
  • To coach and guide people's strengths and talents
  • Barrett's 7 motivational steps in organizations
  • You will also meet your course participants in coaching talks, create action plans and you will gain a deeper insight about yourself, your vitality, your strengths / talents and your life vision.
  • You get the opportunity to set your inner compass that can lead you to a more viable, long-term and balanced life.

Price & times

Fri 9:30 to 16:30, Sat-Sun 9:00 to 16:00

Price per course 4 500: - for private individuals. For company 5 500: - excl. VAT.
If you book the entire program at the same time, you will receive a 10% discount.
All course days start with a short yoga and meditation pass.
To participate in steps 2-5, it is good if you have basic knowledge of Ayurveda.


The courses are held at Dininsida, Stortorget 3, Gamla Stan, Stockholm.


Life Vitality in everyday life, The Art of Eating, E. Forsberg Schinkler as well
Strenght Based Leadership, T. Rath

Comments from previous participants

"Ayurvedan has been the puzzle piece I missed; The one who makes the puzzle with all my other training, diet and health programs now finally feels complete. Eva has a unique and amazing way of communicating this ancient life skills and making it fit the modern life in Swedish. "
/ Katarina Lundmark, personal trainer

"Eva's training program - Ayurveda Life Training - is for everyone, irrespective of previous knowledge. We all strive for a better health, right? Would'nt it then be better to focus on what makes us well and happy (rather than enquiring why we get sick and unhappy)? Eva has a really unique ability to translate the Ayurvedic wisdom into today's modern life, I could apply most of the training program instantly to my daily routines - and it works!"
/ Kent Hansson, Chairman Ulixxes Group