• Do you have chronic problems?

  • Have you lost your desire?

  • Are you stressed and having trouble finding an inner calm?

  • Are you stuck and not finding out?


  • Do you want tools for change?

  • Do you want to feel better physically, mentally and psychological?

  • Do you want to use more of your strengths and gain more power in your life?


Life coaching with inspiration from Ayurveda

The ability to self-heal and develop our strengths is based on the understanding that body, mind and soul are a unity. To create balance, feel good and develop, we need to take into account our entire life situation.

The best thing about knowing what makes you good, or bad, is yourself. Symptoms, physical, psychological or existentially show that something is in imbalance and we shouldn’t not only remove the symptom but also try to correct the cause of imbalance.

Coaching and behavioral lifestyle change inspired by Ayurveda, gives you an understanding of your personal constitution and helps you see how your everyday situation looks like. Through a lifestyle analysis, you get insight into how your lifestyle with potential stress, your dietary habits, exercise, sleep, self-esteem, self-confidence, problem solving strategies affect your energy and well-being. You get the tools and knowledge to implement an action plan designed after each coaching opportunity. Based on a behavioral and strength-based approach with simple, powerful daily routines, you can get help changing, to increase vitality in both your work and privacy.

Ayurveda means "knowledge of life", and is an old-fashioned philosophy that is most relevant today. The Ayurvedic tradition is based on the knowledge that the body has an intelligence and knows how to heal and balance if it gets it.

The coaching, based on Ayurveda with a behavioral and health psychological perspective, uses Ayurvedic knowledge as a method of working with lifestyle changes. Meditation, relaxation and lifestyle advice are included as a natural part of the coach work.

Coaching is usually via Phone / Skype.

For bookings and information:

Tel. 070-694 94 02 or eva@schinklermanagement.se.
Price per opportunity:
Tel / Skype: 2 000 kr, approx 1 hour
Meeting: 2 500 kr approx 2 hour