Åre 8-11 March 2018


Passion for Skiing

Åre 8-11 March 2018 

Do you also love skiing like us?

And do you want to go skiing with a bunch of women who support and help each other? Do you also want to deepen your personal development both in skiing and in your life?

Then you will follow on this trip to Åre with Eva Forsberg Schinkler who is the ski guide and guide in personal development.  Eva is one of the foremost in Sweden in Ayurveda, and during these days she will lecture and guide the methods and tools she has developed based on Ayurvedic knowledge along with strength-based development.

She will guide you to dare to develop your skiing based on your own level. You will definitely have stretched yourself and be amazed at what you actually did in your skiing. With Eve as a guide, what’s difficult becomes easy. She has many years of experience as a ski instructor, is a diplomated, international ski instructor and has Åre as her part-time home for the past 20 years. She knows where the best skiing is, on the mountain. 

Off Piste

One of the days we will go skiing offpist depending on weather and wind. If you have your own avalanche equipment, take it with you. Otherwise, there is a possibility to rent it in Åre. Many get nervous when we write that we're going to go off the piste and think they can´t. But everyone can! So be calm, you're not expected to go as a pro, but you're expected to challenge yourself from the level you're on so you're willing to try what's new to you. 

Experience of skiing

To be able to take advantage of this course, you are expected to get into most of the piste slopes with any style ☺


You book your own accommodation where we can give you tips about good hotels.

The Tott Hotel is where we will have yoga in the morning and lectures so it is the most comfortable accommodation.

Other accommodations are Hotel Åregården and STF Vandrarhem, some of what we found to be good. 

Lift passes can be ordered at Good if you have arranged it before starting. 

Hire ski equipment

Advantageously you can rent at or at Åre Skidsport, which is right in the middle of Åre. Be sure to have a ski equipment that you can ski both in and out of the piste. 

Travel to Åre

The train works great, the central station is in middle of Åre.

Flight, then it is SAS and probably BRA Flyg that go from Stockholm and also from Gothenburg. When you book your flight you also book your transfer from the airport to Åre. 


  • Morning yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Pep talk / mental training, about 15 min lecture before we stand out on the slope
  • Skiing all day based on skills, weather and conditions
  • Avalanche skills before off-piste skiing
  • Personal development and skills in skiing
  • Lunch at any of Åre's ski slope restaurants
  • After skis / Lectures and insights around Ayurveda and the different types of personality as well as a review of the Core Quadrant, a tool to develop your strengths and to leave your fears and obstacles.
  • Dinner at Åre's top restaurants 

 We start at. 18:00 on Thursday, March 8th, with a meeting at Tott Hotel and ends at Sunday at. 16.00. 

 Price for the course 3 500 SEK incl. VAT. 

Participants pay all food and drinks themselves, as well as lift passes, any rental of ski equipment and avalanche equipment, travel and accommodation.

Participants are responsible for having a travel insurance themselves. 


Registration: To reserve your place, pay in 1000 SEK in the registration fee, which will not be refunded in case of cancellation.

Remaining amount is paid 4 weeks before the start of the course.

NOTE! The registration is binding and upon cancellation later than 4 weeks no refund. 

Payment: on BG 278-9311, Schinkler Management 

For questions and information:  

Warm welcome!