With more than 20 years of experience studying & teaching the science of Ayurveda.

I am passionate about supporting and helping people to follow their heart and go for what they believe in! Nothing is as successful as following your passion. There you will find the keys to your success and well-being. It's not always the easiest way, but definitely the most life-giving way. I am passionate about supporting companies to develop the strength-based process. There, the company is able to create more viable, innovative and profitable companies that focus on long-term sustainability.
A sustainable and successful corporate culture inspires people to motivate, engage and to drive. The success is to make people wanting to be role models for their organization.

Developing professional behavior and attitudes with leaders, managers, sales and service personnel, means that the company can take advantage of the great potential of making people live as they learn.


Leadership Consultant | Coach | Author | Reg Nurse | Bachelor in Behavioral Medicine & Health Psychology | Master in Public Health Science , Educated in Ayurvedic Healing, American Inst of Vedic Studies, USA | Educated from Rishikes Collage of Ayurveda | Trained in Leadership Management Training from Krauthammer University, Switzerland.


"My profession is good health, sustainable leadership & viable life"

What do people say about Eva Schinkler?

"I'm constantly in search of in depth, high-tech, life-inspiring, dynamic, surprising and captivating knowledgeers in vital areas. I'm just saying one thing: Eva Schinkler is one! "
Annika Dopping - TV producer, Sustainability Communicator

"After recommendations I have read Eva Schinkler's book” Life Vitality in Everyday Life ". It's a fantastic book that I read through immediately. Many puzzles fell into place. I work as a surgeon at NÄL (Northern Älvsborg County Hospital) and has 3 children. I will now take care of me based on the Ayurvedic perspective. "
Helena Sandén - Chief Physician at NÄL

"After working with the Strength-based leadership and staffing, we achieved more motivated employees and increased financial performance. The development process led to the management team working more rigorously and efficiently, and more in a more stimulated way! Eva's strengths are in the way she reaches different people at different levels of the organization. Eva is focused, bold and straightforward in her communication, which is appreciated, and she therefore reaches another step further, than others I worked with in similar assignments. "
Marie Bucht - Vice President, Business Intelligence, NCC Property